Update Blog!

Hello, to all my Danielle Adams fans! 

I miss you guys. I know it’s been awhile since my last blog and I promise to be more active with it this time. I’m currently back in school at Texas A&M University finishing my degree up and working out. I’m really excited to come and get my degree. This means a lot to me for my future. 

I’ve been currently living down in College Station, TX. I know last season was not a good season for the Stars, but we are going to turn things around this upcoming season. My situation that happened during that season I do want to apologize for my behavior and it will never happen again. I made a mistake multiple times but there is a new and improved Danielle Adams thanks to Coach Dan Hughes! My life has gotten a lot better since the incident. 

I’ve been honored to be in the National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association (NJCAA) Hall of Fame 2016 class! I am really excited about this blessing! I was shocked when I got the call but later was happier because of the accomplishment. I couldn’t have done it without the girls I played with at Jefferson College. I never knew that my career would go this far but with the help of the coaches I’ve had and the girls I played with and of course God none of this would be possible. 

Just thought I would give you guys and update on how I’m doing this offseason and I can’t wait for the upcoming season to start. 

Thanks for the support and love you guys give me! 

Danielle Adams #23

Update from France!


I know you guys have been waiting for an update for awhile, so here it is! I've been doing well over here in France. The season is going good I was the leading scorer on the team in the French league as well as the leading scorer in Euro League. I've been to the wonderful Paris a couple of times, and it is beautiful! This was my first time ever in France. The fans here are very supportive! I'm one of the fan favorite! They always tell me they've never seen a player that can do the things that I can do.

 I've been working hard to better my game before the big incident. As most of you know, because you follow me and what's going on overseas, I had a knee injury on Dec 13, 2014 that caused me to have a minor surgery on my patella bone. I'm out for 2 1/2 months in just enough time to prepare myself and get ready for my 5th WNBA season. I went into surgery a week ago. I had a slight crack in my patella that needed to be shaved down so that my bone could reattach, so that what the surgeon did is shaved my bone down to where it reattach. It's like I have a new knee all over again. I want have any more problems with my knee again and it's not going to stop me from being the player that you guys seen for the last 4 years!

As many of you know I'm a restricted free agent this year. I hope and pray I return back to San Antonio because that is like home to me now! I don't wanna leave the fans nor my teammates as I've had an amazing 4 years there! I hope where ever I end up this season you guys and girls continue to follow my career and continue to support me. This season I would like to do a lot of contest for my fans where you can win prizes. I love all of my fans and supporters!

Love your favorite WNBA player,

Danielle Adams #23

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Hello from Israel!

Danielle AdamsHello to all my fans!
I know it's been a long time since my last blog, i wanted to apologize for the absence but as you see I've redesigned my website hope you guys enjoy it! I'm still overseas in my last few months. I'm in Ashdod, Israel the same team i played for last year. I'm averaging 17pts a game and 9 rebounds! My team is currently in 2nd place with a record of 18-4. I've been enjoying my second season in Israel playing with Tiffany Jackson-Jones and Candice Wiggins. 

I'm so excited for this upcoming WNBA season! We have Sophia Young and Becky Hammon back from major injuries and our team is healthy this year. I'm very excited to get back to San Antonio and start working on our journey to a WNBA title! Hopefully this season we can do contest where you get to come to a meet and greet with me. Also, we're going to put a box where fans can ask questions and i respond to all the question. I'm going to be very active on my website just to interact with all my fans! Hope you guys come to a San Antonio Stars game near you come and see some exciting basketball and rock with some of the best WNBA fans! 

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
San Antonio Stars Forward,
Danielle Adams